Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Web 2.0 is a great resource of information and provides many sites on social networking. These tools are used to link people with similar interest and establish connections. The purpose of my seminar is to encourage teachers to take advantage of tools such as blogs to increase student motivation and expand their knowledge through technology.

Social networking is an excellent way to encourage teachers to improve learning techniques. Students are far more advance in technology then ever before. Teachers now need to keep up with the vast changes in technology.

My goal is to share with teachers in my school the many tools and resources in Web 2.0. A useful tool in Web 2.0 that teachers should be familiar with is creating a blog for their classroom. I would like to teach my peers how to create a site for students to socially interact and communicate various topics in the classroom.

A blog is a website that teachers can maintain to provide information to students about the class. Students can provide commentary, ask questions and play an active role in social networking. Teachers can acquire useful information from students that can assist in determining the levels of knowledge. A Blog is a great tool for students to interact, work collaboratively and share information. A Blog will facilitate student engagement in learning. Students will have the opportunity to actively participate where they would otherwise feel apprehensive in commenting and participating on important topics.

A blog will keep students up to date with information on current topics, details on assignments and deadlines that can possibly become lost. Students will be motivated to share their thoughts and ideas with other classmates. Students will have the opportunity to share ideas using critical thinking and simultaneously enhance their writing skills. Most importantly, students and teachers can access this useful tool anytime of the day.

My presentation will be on ways teachers can implement this valuable tool in the classroom. There are several websites that offer free access to blogs. The potential of using blogs in the classroom is endless. A blog is an efficient way for teachers to monitor topics, facilitate learning and stay connected with students.

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